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If you’re looking for help planning an unforgettable trip, you’ve come to the right place.

Is it really a vacation if you’re having to do all the work? Take a deep breath, and let go of all of that stress from trying to plan everything yourself.

We’ve got it from here.

Small Trips, Big Trips, and All-Out Adventures

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Whether it’s a short trip, a long trip, or an all-out adventure, I’ll make sure it’s a Real Good Trip. We specialize in family trips, girls trips/bachelorette parties, honeymoons, couples trips, solo trips, surprise trips and special celebrations trips in the U.S., the Caribbean, Western Europe, and  Mexico. We also plan custom trips all over the world.

Travel agents were  *almost* a thing of the past for most travelers once websites popped up that put endless options at your fingertips. But then that very thing became the reason that travel agents are once again sought out by travelers: the options are endless and it can be super overwhelming and confusing and a lot of work to plan a trip. It’s much more enjoyable to have someone else do the work!

I book air, transportation (transfers/shuttles, trains, rental cars), cruises, vacation rentals, hotels, resorts, all-inclusive resorts, vacation packages, river cruises, custom road trips, excursions, activities, and tours.
Sometimes. For straightforward packaged vacations where you’ll be staying in one place all week, there typically is not a fee for my services. For custom, non-prepackaged trips, or for more complex trips, I charge a planning fee $50 to $200 dollars, depending on the complexity of the trip.

Why do I charge a fee? As a client of mine, you are gaining my years of travel knowledge, experience and education and you are receiving personalized service. In addition, I spend hours planning trip quotes, so my nonrefundable fee protects the time I invest in planning your trip. It’s a small price to pay for the ease and peace of mind that comes with being a valued client of Real Good Trip.

It’s easy. You complete a trip profile or click “get a quick quote” below. After I read over it, we’ll schedule a time for a quick chat (could be over the phone, on Zoom, by text – however you prefer) so that I can ask a few additional questions and get to know you.

Next, I cut out the confusion and narrow the options to a few that fit you and send you a beautiful trip proposal to look over. You review it, approve the option you like (and I make any adjustments or changes that you would like) then I book the trip for you.

Once you’re booked, you’ll have all the details of your trip available online or in my beautiful, easy to use app. I’ll even include recommended stops, restaurants, and anything else you need to know. All you’re left to do is get excited for your trip (and pack your suitcase – unfortunately we don’t do that for you). As my client, I’m here for you every step of the way, including while you are traveling and until you return home.

1. You can pay securely at the time of booking by credit or debit card.

2. Many trips (particularly resort vacation packages and cruises) have interest-free payment options, allowing you to pay a down payment and then the rest over time, completing the payments by a certain deadline before you travel.

3. I offer easy financing that has a quick pre-approval process and can receive a decision in less than one minute. If approved, you can choose up to 24 payments and you don’t have to pay it off before your trip. In fact, you can travel just 11 days after being approved and paying the initial down payment.

Book a Fully Customized Trip

Know exactly where you want to go? Great!
Would you like some suggestions? No problem. Want a full surprise trip? We love those!

Meet the Founder

Ready to plan

Picture it: Aruba. Eagle Beach. Feet buried in warm, white sand, soft as a blanket, waves as slow as syrup, the golden yellow sun sinking, a tie-dyed sky of pink and orange and red. There I sat, smiling, looking at the other people scattered down the beach, all watching the sunset like a blockbuster, mouths open, pointing at the sky, unable to hide their awe, and I thought to myself, the only thing that makes this sunset better than watching it alone is sharing it with other people. 

And that’s how Real Good Trip was born. I’m Laura Beth, founder and Chief Trip Planner here at Real Good Trip, and I kept getting these feelings everywhere I traveled – the desire to share the magic of our world with others, but to use my experience and expertise to take away the stress of planning, to eliminate the confusion of thousands of options, and leave my clients with nothing but the excitement, the adventure, and packing their suitcase.

I get butterflies of excitement every time I book  a trip for a client, whether it’s a weekend trip to the beach  or a two week custom adventure around Ireland. I can’t wait to get to know you and hear about the places you’ve been, the places you want to go, and help you turn your bucket list into an itinerary. I’ll not only plan your trip, but I’ll be there for you every step of your way as your personal travel specialist & concierge until you arrive back home from your Real Good Trip. And then we’ll start planning the next one…

Laura Beth Parnell

This is me wearing my trip face.

[Trip face /trip/ /fās/: noun – 1. the look of pure happiness you get when you’re on a Real Good Trip) 2. the face you make when you become a Real Good Trip client.

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